Our Story

Milton Creamery is the result of a dream. A dream of doing something to help others in the agriculture world and beyond, adding value to the milk for dairy farmers, creating jobs in the local community and bringing you a product created with art and passion from Southeast Iowa.

The success of Milton Creamery thus far is allowing us to fulfill the dream and giving us a foundation to benefit more people and also people from other walks of life.

The goal of this website is to help you understand who we are and why we started this company and also a source of information on our line of products.

The Musser Family

Rufus and Jane and our son Junior.

Jane and I are originally from Pennsylvania where I grew up working with my father growing and selling produce.

In September 1992, we moved to Southern Iowa and began dairy farming.

Our Mennonite traditions value hard work, ingenuity, and simple living.

Many of our neighbors are Old Order Amish. Although different, Mennonites and Amish are both Anabaptists, of Swiss heritage, and share many values.

These common values made it easier for us to work together as dairy farmers and cheesemakers to start Milton Creamery.


Fine cheese starts with with the right milk.

We get all of our milk from cows on small Amish dairy farms.

Herds are managed and milked by the immediate family. All of the herds are less than sixty-five cows.

The farmers that provide milk to Milton Creamery don’t give their cows artificial growth hormones, like rBGH and rBST.

The cows are grazed throughout much of the year. Over winter, the farmers continue to provide the cows with quality feed.

Simple dairy farming creates simply delicious milk used at Milton Creamery.

The Creamery

Milton Creamery was started in 2006 as a joint venture between local Amish dairy farmers and the Musser family.

Today, Milton Creamery is solely owned and operated by the Musser Family with the help of a few outside employees. We continue to use milk provided by local Amish families.

Our team brought our first cheese award home from the US Cheese Championship in 2009, Prairie Breeze™ won Best of Class in the Open Hard category.


We’re cheesemakers, so you may wonder why we have a section dedicated to neighbors.

People and cheese are both products of the place in which they form. Both are affected by the rolling hills, the woodlands, the rivers, and the heavy soil of Southern Iowa.

Take a look at the Villages of Van Buren website. See the wonderful place in which we live and make cheese.

Then stop by for a visit. We’d love to introduce you to both the people and the cheese.