March 2018

Good morning and Easter greetings! The sun is shining, it’s 56 degrees, at least for now. There is rain in the forecast for later this morning and falling temperatures. We’ll enjoy the sunshine while it is here! This week has been cloudy and rainy, the sunshine is welcome again.

The cheesemakers have been very busy the last few months, this is the time of the year when the cows are milking more, it is keeping them stepping, making an average of 14 batches a week, that means double shifting. Nathan, Joseph, Stephen, Roy, Trevor, Jordan & Aaron keep that field covered. They are doing a good job in keeping things on track.

The orders were slow which is typical for this time of the year. The ladies were having a hard time getting enough hours in. Taylor, Judy, Katie & Julie are in that department. The orders are picking up, they will get hours in now, may have to do some overtime. A new cheese cutter has been a great help to them, taking out some arm muscle labor. The cutter has a cylinder, they press the foot peddle and a wire goes across the 40# block, another arm comes down and cuts it into loaves. It is lots faster and easier. We are also having one worked at for cutting the loaves into retail pieces. It will enable them to do more in a day.

Jay Alan still hauls milk and is the maintenance person, Cindy keeps things going in the retail and office. She is learning the ropes for getting the orders lined up, trucking, etc.

Rufus has been on the go the last week. This week he was in Orlando, FL for a food show. He called the one morning, told me he is going to skip the show and go on the beach! It was 70 degrees and beautiful, but there were no beaches nearby, so he had to work. J The previous week he drove to St. Cloud, MN for a food show, then drove to Minneapolis that evening and got on a plane to Atlanta, GA. He spent a couple days there for food shows, flew back to Minneapolis, and drove home.

Yesterday was Good Friday, we keep it as a holiday. We did not go to church this time, spent a restful day at home. For supper we went to Junior & Crystal. Our other sons, Galen & Mark and their families were also there. Junior smoked ribs, Crystal made mac n cheese, BBQ green beans, Rachel brought strawberry Danish, Mabel Ann decorated a cake for my birthday (the 29th) and there was ice cream. We enjoyed the evening. Granddaughter Tonya, (Mark’s) still likes us best at a distance, but she isn’t as bashful anymore. Junior’s and Galen’s aren’t bashful at all, they love to be fooled with. Jeremy went to preschool a couple days, he is looking forward to 1st grade next term. Granddaughter Lori in Wisconsin will also be a 1st grader. That will make 5 grandchildren in school. They grow up so fast.

Rufus’ Mother passed away on March 1st. She had a tumor on her thyroid, it grew in instead of out as some do, she had a cough, sounded like she has pneumonia, chest ex-rays were clear. Finally discovered this, she had surgery February 22nd, they couldn’t remove all of it. She ended up on a ventilator and passed away a week later. Our children were all able to make it to the funeral, held in PA. All but one of the 34 grandchildren were there, which was pretty good considering they live in Pa, NY, WI, IA & MO. We stayed a few days after the funeral with Rufus’ Dad and handicapped sister. She was born with Spina Bifida, 5 years ago she had a stroke. She needs almost total care. The siblings will take turns caring for her for a few months, see how it goes and how things shape up. Rufus & I plan to leave for PA next Sunday and stay for a bit over 2 weeks to take a turn. I will stay there, Rufus will go on as usual. The 2nd week in April he will spend a few days in New York City, coming back to his Dad for the weekend. The 3rd week he will fly to Seattle for food shows, coming back to his Dad again. I will take some of my things along to do, but hope to do some house cleaning for Dad. Mom wasn’t feeling well and wasn’t able to keep after things the best. We will try to do what we can, it’s too far to go too often and be gone too long at a time.

Before we know it, there will be yard mowing, flowerbeds, gardening. I’m hoping for a warmer day to take the fence and straw off the roses. A few have planted some early garden, mostly it’s been too wet.

The wind has really picked up, Rufus was wanting the kites, I’m guessing he went to Junior’s to help the children, he didn’t say where he was going. They sure like if he helps them with things like that.

Wishing everyone a beautiful and fulfilling summer.

Jane Musser