Flory’s Story

Tim Flory and his wife believe in hard work. Together they raise Jersey cattle. They garden. They farm. In his spare time, Tim and his sons move houses. Tim and his wife also have eight daughters.

A man that has thirty head of cattle, eight daughters, and a strong work ethic knows how to find opportunities. In Tim’s case, opportunity presented itself as Flory’s Truckle.

Flory’s Truckle is made from the raw milk of Flory’s own Jersey cows. In a single vat, cultures, rennet, and salt are added to the unpasteurized milk. Family members separate the curds & whey, cut the curds, and hand-pack a score of cloth-lined forms to make truckles.

The truckles are aged and turned on wooden shelves for sixty days. After the initial aging, the truckles are carefully packed & driven to Milton, Iowa.

Milton Creamery continue to age the cheese in their specially desined aging facility. It takes about a year for the truckles to mature. The Musser family hand-grades each batch and select only the finest for the Flory’s Truckle name.

The result is a well-aged, clothbound cheddar with a fine flavor.