April 18, 2016

Monday April 18, 2016

Spring has arrived by the feel of things. Temperatures in the 70’s during the day and nights in the 40’s & 50’s. We’ve had lots of wind in April, but nothing serious as far as storms for which we are thankful. It is nice to see the green grass, the redbuds blooming, tulips, etc.  I like spring with all the new blooms.

We have had some changes. Jr & Crystal bought a farm, 134 acres 2 ½ miles east of here. They moved on Sat. April 9th. The house is smaller, without a basement. They had to put some things in storage and the rest of the rooms are full. The children really enjoy being able to play outside with lots of room to roam. But a stray dog showed up, wanted to play, and had Jessica on the ground licking her face. That did not go over well; Jr took it along to the home farm on the tractor. So hopefully it won’t bother them again. Jessica says they are going to have chickens, kitties, puppies and later she added rabbits to the list! I’m not sure she was asking her parents about all of those  . . . . . .  Jr will be moving his hog operation there with room to expand. He planted corn on Saturday.

Rufus and I will be moving off the farm to the house in town where Jrs had lived. We will move in May, haven’t set a date as of yet. I started doing some packing, I have lots of sorting to do after living there 23 ½ yrs. Things have a way of accumulating when you have room to store it. We shouldn’t need everything anymore with just the 2 of us. Tomorrow the 3 daughters-in-law, my sister and sister-in-law will help me do some cleaning in the empty house. After shampooing the carpets we can start moving some small things and boxes, with having a moving day for the furniture later. I will be glad to have that behind us. Mark & Mabel Ann will move to our farm later this summer.


It was so nice this past week; I reworked the flowerbed in front of the cheese plant. Not all the plants have arrived that I ordered, they should be here by the end of the week. I hope to finish it, if it doesn’t rain too much. Also rented the rock sweeper and got the rocks out of the grass that get shoved in when blading snow. It sure beats raking by hand! I hope to be able to keep up with things this summer.

Since the first of the year I have not been here full-time and I like it. It’s letting me catch up on some other things; I even finished piecing a Dresden Plate quilt for Rose and got it quilted. That felt like an accomplishment. Also get to keep the grandchildren oftener.

Rufus was away quite a bit the last 3 months. Last week he was in Denver, CO, planning to come home Saturday morning. Due to snow storms coming, I switched his plane ticket twice to get him out of there Friday evening. With all the changes, he ended up having 3 motel rooms booked for the one night! Denver, Des Moines and Cedar Rapids, where he ended up. But he did make it back before the snow hit. This week he has nothing scheduled away from home. But there is a list of other things . . . . . . .

Cheesemakers as of now are Jeff, Nathan, Joseph, Stephen & Kiel. Cheese cutters are Renee, Jeanette & Brenda, with Emma, Dwayne, Jay Alan, Lester & Stacy filling their same jobs as before. I was happy to have our cleaning woman come back after recovering from a fall on ice and splintering her elbow. The cheesemakers haven’t slowed down much; the milk supply hasn’t diminished for the season yet. They have added 4 Pepper Cheddar to the flavors which was a great addition. Right now we have a small vat to play with, experimenting on other cheeses. Rufus is supposed to help out some this week while he is home. It is harder tho with such a small vat to adjust the amounts, etc. But it does give them a chance to see if it might be something they want to do. I really don’t know what they plan to try this week.

The cheese cutters are kept busy, the orders keep rolling in for which we are grateful. Jeanette has missed a few days as they take foster children, but with Brenda here now we hope to be able to keep on going. Renee is a great help in keeping the orders scheduled/filled.

Last evening it was so nice, we all went to Lacey Keosauqua Park, Galen grilled pork chops & sausage, the rest of us brought things. It was a nice time to sit and catch up on visiting.

Hope everyone has a happy, healthy summer.

                                                                                                                                                Jane Musser